Mother of three and entrepreneur Tarryn Hoffmann works to make a mark in the fashion industry using the natural talent that Mesa Community College helped her to develop coupled with her motivation to be successful.

Earning a Costume Design & Production, Level 1 Certificate in May 2022, Tarryn plans to return to MCC to earn an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design-Art and Illustration “so I can put my design ideas down on paper and digitally.”

But for now, Tarryn is engaged with designing and selling eye-catching, sustainable fabrics through her recently-opened online business, Storm Leigh ( With fun and vibrant patterns named Green Roses, Chandelier, Moths and Zombie Gingerbread Man, among others. She hopes to change the fabric and fashion industries one yard at a time.

Currently, Storm Leigh offers 41 eco-friendly patterns in a choice of 44 fabric options such as bamboo cotton spandex, cotton canvas, minky (a synthetic made of the highest grade polyester fibers), cotton woven, suede cloth, PeachSkin, linen and polyester polar fleece.

“We use water-soluble and dye-based printing which does not use solvents and chemicals to prepare fabric for printing,” Tarryn points out. “Our silky jersey recycled polyester is made of recycled plastic bottles, textile waste and sometimes old fishing lines.”

She credits the success of her fledgling business to the support and education provided by faculty in the Fashion Design and Merchandising, and Business programs at MCC. “I loved how knowledgeable and inspiring my teachers were and how they had so much real life experience in the fashion industry that they passed on to their students.”

In particular, Tarryn cites Lori Liang and Kim Broxham (Fashion Design and Merchandising faculty) in making a significant impact on her education as well as her life. “They were very supportive and encouraging. Also, Daniel Piercy (Business faculty) helped guide me when I first decided to start my business.”

The Gilbert resident says MCC has been “amazing” for helping her reach her goals. “They’ve been supportive of my individual needs and encouraged me to go into the world and use what I’ve learned to make my mark in the fashion industry,” she adds. “Being a mother of three means that it’s not always easy to leave to go to campus, and having so many online options in the fashion program has really helped me reach my educational objectives.”